What We Believe

WE BELIEVE that God considers human beings to be His masterpiece... divine evidence of His mastercraftsmenship and total investiment IN us!
WE BELIEVE that God created the human body with the amazing capacity to acheive and maintain optimal health, wellness and wholeness.
WE BELIEVE that God has given us stewardship over our bodies and expects that as faithful and responsible stewards, we would position ourselves to be optimally healthy through diet, exercise and other essential lifestyle choices.
WE BELIEVE, that we have all been assigned specific Kingdom assignments that will enable us to have meainingful Kingdom impact... assignments that can only be fully executed when we are optimally healthy.
WE BELIEVE, That FAITHWorks Wellness has be positioned to assit individuals and families acheive and maintain optimal health & wellness by bridging the gap between evidence-based medical practice and the faith-guided instruction contained within the Word of God.