Life Coaching

God's desire is that we would all live happy, whole and fullfilled lives, connected to His divine purpose, script and timeline.  The truth is, however, that many of us find ourselves 'stuck'; unable to navigate through the quicksand, storms and clutter of live, in order to intersect with God's perfect, purposed and predictable plan.

Though God has the capacity to DO all things, His Word is clear that He created us to be builders-- creatures of action.

Often our struggle stems from not having the focus, organization or confidence to do the heavy lifting that God requires in order to receive all that God has for us.

FAITHWorks Life COaching is a Christian faith-centered approach to equipping God's people with the attributes and skills required for successful, productive and fullfiled living.

Life coaching is NOT magic... but rather it is a powerful partnership between coach and client, held together by the glue faith and the foundation of God's Word.