F|W Active

FAITHWorks Wellness Group has partnered with Docs-4-Jocks Sports Health to provide a full spectrum of clinical and 'coaching' services for athletes of all levels of experience & competition as well as others with active lifestyles.  From the weekend warrior, to the high-performance competitive athlete, to the health-conscious, active sports enthusiast, FAITHWorks Wellness Group offers top tier sports health and performance services.  Whether it is a sports physical, post-concussion assessment and treatment plan, post-operative recovery program, preparation for a marathon, optimizing performance in the context of chronic problems such as asthma or diabetes; or any other sports/activity-related activity; the goal of F|W and Docs-4-Jocks is to 'keep you in the game and at your best'!

F|W Active also includes our occupational health service line for injured workers.  If you are an injured worker or employer looking for a 'user-friendly' occupational health resource, contact F|W Active today!